14 December, 2004


This is my first blog.

Wow - who knew - the minute I finish, my words wil be out there for anyone to read!!

My name is Shannon. I live in the south and I am southern through and through.

I am a mom. I have 2 daughters, Molly (3) and Meghan (7 months).

I am a wife. My husband's name is Bob. He is a technology consultant.

I am a career woman (do we still call ourselves that?) Anyway, I am the director of an AIDS Service Organization (ASO). I am passionately committed to the cause. However, I am not infected or affected by the disease.

I am, nonetheless, affected by the people I meet and the clients we are priveleged to provide assistance to. I will share more, I am sure, as time goes on.

I am a friend. Jeff, Carolyn, Brian, Holly, Peyton, Kim, John, Kate...

I am a Presbyterian. My church is becoming increasingly important with each passing week. Dr. Carl, Martha, other Holly, other Kim, Beth, Bob and Debbie, Jan, Meg and Brad....

I am a writer. Poetry. Letters to the Editor. Speeches. Working on a novel. I am off on Thursday afternoons and that is when I write.

I am a TV and talk radio junkie.

I am a reader. P.D. James, Maeve Binchy, Anne Rivers Siddons, Dorothea Benton Frank, Stephen King, Oprah Books, Non-Profit related books, newspapers, internet.

I love magazines. Self. Southern Living, Newsweek. US Weekly and People may as well be crack as far as I am concerned.

Don't really care about music, except holiday music. Don't really watch movies. Who can sit still and do nothing else for 2 hours?

I am a cook. Desserts, dinners, entertaining.

And now, I am a blogger!


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