02 November, 2006

Does it have to be good?

Posting every day. Sounded so easy. Yesterday.

Nothing to really talk about - the kids won't go to bed...I would though!


Let me!

OK tomorrow is Haiku Friday and I swear it will be good!!

01 November, 2006


Or something.

I signed up for the blog-everyday-for-a-month thing. I know Marvin has been bummed that I have not been blogging much (and I wonder what he thinks about the ink?) And blogging is good for me...so here we are, back again.

I feel like I am looking for something. I don't feel like anything is missing, but I feel like I am on a quest. I am sure I will figure out more. Eventually.

Work is good - so incredibly busy I can't even tell you. But I definitely feel like I am in the right place for right now.

B is travelling a lot, which is fine. I am just jealous because he is in Toronto and Puerto Rico and Chicago and I go to...Raleigh...yippie!

I have new thoughts on the war. Which needs to end. Before more 20 year old boys are shot and stitched up and sent back into a plane and made to jump.

I have a new rule about Halloween - if you are old enough to ogle the MILF giving out the candy you are too old to trick-or-treat. And if you must lick your lips, please do it when she is not looking.

Corollary - If your 13 year old daughter is going trick-or-treating, please make sure she does not look like a hooker.

And note to Meghan: You will, someday, somehow, wear that Dora costume. Seriously.

30 October, 2006

Non-Haiku Monday

I don't f-ing believe it....

I did it!
I have secretly wanted a tat for years and I never knew what or where and what if my parents find out and blah blah blah.


Sunday I decided it was ON so I did it! I got a beautiful dragonfly on my right shoulder (Ink by Wayne at Ink Link) (did a great job) (very sweet and talented) (go see him and say I sent you).

I feel so cool - even more than when I got my piercings because this is permanent - for the rest of my life when I see my shoulder I will remember October 29, 2006. Ink day, Freedom day. Independence from worrying so much about what everyone else thinks. Opportunity to be who I really want to be and do things that really matter to me and make me who I am.

A little bit of dreamy, watery colored ink can't change who I am. But it is a permanent reminder not to lose this magic I feel in my life right now...this beautiful certainty and unshakable confidence that I have. It has been hard won, and I love that it is now with me forever.

Thanks, Wayne. I'm sure I am not the only one, but for me, this is more than just a tat! :)

27 October, 2006

Pajama Haiku Friday

Cold snap and first frost
Elephant ears die quickly
Not so pretty now

Listening to lyrics
I've found new music I like
I want to chase cars

Doctor appointment
Not allowing myself fear
Knowledge is power

20 October, 2006

Barefoot Haiku Friday

That's right...I'm dressed but barefoot, so it's Barefoot Haiku Friday

Korea sorry
Too little, too late assholes
Nuclear scares me

Never been so sick
Did Tuesday really happen?
I hear that it rained

All the magazines
Come in the mail at one time
Why do they do this?

What to be this year?
I am always a witch
This year - lusty wench?

I found a weird bump
Beneath my skin, between breasts
Is it a cyst or...?

I'm going next week
Dr. Greg will check it out
Thank God for that man

Jason is coming
Bringing Amy and Jamie
The house is a wreck

My feet feel so free
Before they are imprisoned
In red leather clogs

Have a great weekend everyone - hopefully Jason and Amy will consent to allow pics of King Nephew to be uploaded - I can't wait to see him and the girls playing together!! My 3 cuties!!


14 October, 2006

Haiku Saturday

Sorry, I should call it "Haiku Friday-ish"

Blue October sky
No color more beautiful
Takes my breath away

Halloween costumes
One Dora, one Dorothy
Absolute rip off

One night without kids
Slept until 7:30
Spoiled already

Nothing on TV
Project Runway, where are you?
Jeffrey - lying cheat!

Plane vs. building
New York again scared, on edge
Just a tragic crash

Lips of an Angel
Awesome, cool, catchy new song
Not good for weddings


05 October, 2006

Haiku Friday

OK so it is only Thursday, but tomorrow I will probably not have time for Haiku writing soooooo here goes nothing

Rental car, sunroof
Meggie says I like this car
too much cash for us

Brought no good CDs
The radio just plain sucked
Need a good itrip

John Mayer sings it
The soundtrack of my life now
He gets it all right

Cool and rainy day
Promised to us tomorrow
Like coming alive


Have a fabulous weekend...